After saving a bear cub, the fisherman didn’t expect to have a surprise the next day

It’s called maternal instinct!

It’s not an ordinary day for this fisherman, as he spotted a bear cub drowning in the river. He hurried to save the baby and immediately jumped into the water.

The man thought that everything finished, but the next day something surprising was waiting for him.

According to the fisherman, the cub tried to fish, but failed and fell into the water. Because he was too small to survive, he hurried to take him out of the river.

The little bear was over a month old, so the kind man needed to work fast and fortunately, he completed his task perfectly.

The next day the fisherman returned to the same place again, and in a few minutes he noticed a big bear with a large amount of fish in her paw. The confused man didn’t understand what to do.

After looking at him carefully for a few minutes, the bear shook her head and left as if she wanted to say «thank you for saving my baby».

In many cases wild animals are smarter than we imagine, and they can do things which we never expect.

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