«Like two peas in a pod»: The incredible resemblance of actor and film director Clint Eastwood and his son surprised everyone

The handsome son of Clint Eastwood looks like a younger version of his father

Many old American westerns were brilliantly starred by Clint Eastwood who didn’t let anyone remain indifferent towards his handsomeness, brilliant skills and charisma. Millions of women throughout the world were madly in love with him at that time.

The talented actor and film director was married twice and has never been a loyal spouse. Eastwood had numerous love affairs and didn’t even try to hide that fact. During one of his affairs a boy named Scott was born.

For a relatively long time, Eastwood strongly refused to accept the fact that he had a son since he didn’t really believe that Scott was his child. However, as the time past, the resemblance between the father and his son was visible to the naked eye.

A DNA test wasn’t even needed to prove their biological bond and the legendary actor could eventually win his son’s trust. Scott himself decided to follow in his father’s career footsteps and became a popular actor as well as a model.

Those who saw Scott couldn’t remain silent and not to claim that he is a younger version of his father. «They are like two peas in a pod».

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