The two buddies managed to get out of the locked room with each other’s help

The sweetest display of brotherhood!

This video proves the fact that dogs are the most loyal creatures, who never leave each other in difficult situations. Having a friend for life who is always by your side is a great achievement.

These two adorable friends Tiësto and Kai are loving friends, who share the same house with their beloved owner. They are ready to overcome any difficulty if they are together. Watch this amazing video and you will understand everything.

Once their owner locked them in a room and left them alone in the house. It’s incomprehensible for the two pets and they tried to free themselves, using their cooperative efforts.

The husky managed to open the door, but couldn’t jump over the chair. Here his little friend came to help.

The scene was captured on camera and became an internet sensation. It’s really entertaining! Watch and enjoy it!

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