«Uncovered her newborn son’s face and full name»: 41-year-old Hilton shared touching family photos showing her son’s face

Hilton and her husband showed the face of their newborn heir for the first time

There is, perhaps, no one who is unfamiliar with Paris Hilton, a well-known socialite and the heiress of the owner of the largest hotel chain Hilton. Recently, the woman shared heartwarming family photos showing the face of her son for the first time.

The touching family shots were shared on Instagram where she gently holds her adorable newborn son in her arms. Here, we can see the socialite’s husband Carter Reum as well who is a successful businessman.

The celebrity commented on the exclusive photos. «Baby Phoenix. Our whole world».

She also uncovered the full name of their adorable son – Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum. Naming their son Phoenix, the spouses meant «hope, rebirth and transformation».

It is worth mentioning that the heir of the 41-year-old star was born with the help of surrogacy. The socialite has known the businessman for already 15 years, whereas the couple got married only in 2021.

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