«Wow! Don’t let anyone break you»: The «Melrose Place» star left the fans speechless appearing in a bodysuit on the catwalk

All the eyes were on the star of «Melrose Place», Lisa Rinna, in a bodysuit and a coat

Lisa Rinna is often called the epitome of the American socialite who is well-remembered in the film industry for her brilliant participation in the TV series «Melrose Place».

Recently, the outstanding star has become one of the attenders of the Danish brand Rotate Birger Christensen’s new collection’s exhibition at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Her rather bold bodysuit with a coat barely covering her arms caused a stir.

The opinions of the netizens about the talented actress’s daring outfit were divided. Some were convinced she looked rather vulgar and glamourous.

With her bright and eye-catching appearance Rinna proved that the age is simply a number in the passport. She completed her gorgeous look with luxurious golden earrings and impressive makeup.

This is how she captioned the photos from her performance on the catwalk. «HAPPY».

It is noteworthy that Lisa has managed to retain her attractiveness, brightness and perfect body shape over years.

«My God, you look stunning and unsurpassed», «My biggest inspiration is here», «Bravo, Lisa», «You look exactly like Raquel Walch. Amazing!».

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