The evolution of Chandler from «Friends»: The way Matthew Perry well-known for his role in «Friends» looks saddened the fans

The fans hardly recognized Chandler from «Friends»

According to this prominent, successful and charismatic actor, he hasn’t put down a bottle of alcohol for already a relatively long time. As Matthew admitted, he spent many years and about 14 million dollars in order to get rid of his destructive habit.

In his fans’ eyes the «Friends» star looks totally unrecognizable and nothing is now left of the former handsome and attractive man.

The admirers of Perry Matthew are now seriously concerned about his health state since despite being 53, the talented film star looks much older, pretty unkempt and unenthusiastic.

«What happened to my favorite actor?», «I barely recognized him in these paparazzi photos», «His appearance leaves a lot to be desired», «Where is Chandler? I can’t see him here».

«This all disturbs me a lot», «I feel pity for him».

Do you share the same opinion? Have you watched the popular comedy series?

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