The blind boy claims that his dog’s arrival has turned his life upside down

Having such a loving pet is a great achievement!

Riley Yeomans is a student, who had many difficulties at life because of his eyesight problem. The guy is blind, but now he doesn’t care about it as he has a loving and loyal friend next to him. Yashka, his beloved dog shares a strong bond with him and supports him in everything.

Riley is blind since his childhood, and he had a very difficult life, so he needed a companion who would make his life better and easier. Yashka is the best option and his role in his life is priceless.

After searching for an appropriate pet for four years, in 2016 Riley got a call and was offered to adopt Yashka. He came into his life, bringing much joy and happiness with him.

Now they are inseparable friends and enjoy spending all day together. The guy claims that the sweet animal helps him overcome his stress and anxiety, so he can’t imagine his life without his canine friend.

Yashka is the best guardian ever! Having such a wonderful pet is a big achievement.

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