«Dafoe is lucky enough to have her»: The appearance of the «Green Goblin» star and his stunning Italian wife deserves special attention

No one could resist and not to fall in love with Willem Dafoe’s charming Italian wife

The legendary American actor and the star of «Green Goblin» has long been in search of the true love of his life. The prominent film star had been married to his first wife for 27 years, then, with his second beloved, for 17 years.

The iconic actor, realizing that he could converse to a lady about anything other than work, suddenly proposed to his girlfriend Giada Colagrande and she happily agreed.

It seems as if the Italian beauty, successful actress and filmmaker isn’t worried about her husband’s age and this, as we can see, failed to prevent them from being happy in the marriage. For those who don’t know, the actor is 20 years older than his wife.

They don’t really like sharing details of their personal life, however, can often be seen on the Red Carpet or film festivals.

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