A bear, who had become a local celebrity giving birth at an advanced age

There are always exceptions in any species and kinds

This bear is already 25 years old and lived all his life in the national park. She broke a new record giving birth to 5 bear cubs at once.

She had 15 kids throughout her life and her last kids were amazing, as bears usually have two or three babies, not 5.

And also the staff of the park were amazed by the fact, that he had already lived to be 25 years old, as many bears of her species usually don’t get up to 24 to 35 years.

This loving and caring bear considered to show everyone, that there are always exceptions. She chose a comfortable place to live with her cubs in the reserve.

She considered to be far away from other bears, in order her cubs wouldn’t suffer. She has become a local celebrity and she often roams across the reserve with her babies.

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