«Visible to the naked eye»: The incredible resemblance between this Englishman and musician Michael Jackson left everyone speechless

Fabio Jackson from England looks exactly like Michael Jackson without surgeries

Here is the replica of legendary and world-class musician Michael Jackson, Fabia from England who looks incredibly like the late artist. According to people, the man hasn’t undergone any plastic surgeries and is called Jackson’s «natural» double.

The guy is 28 and has recently become worldwide famous because of his unique appearance and incredible resemblance to the late musician. However, many are more than sure that Fabio has had plastic surgeries no matter what he is trying to convince.

The resemblance between the well-known musician’s and him is visible to the naked eye and this is something undeniable.

At school, Fabio was constantly mocked and laughed at due to his non-standard appearance. However, he decided not to get offended, instead, make money using his appearance. So as to attract more attention, he changed his name to Fabio Jackson.

Do you think Fabio looks exactly like musician Michael Jackson?

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