«Love is blind»: The «Matrix» star and his fiancée appeared at Museum of Contemporary Art gala drawing everyone’s attention

The rare appearance of Reeves and his chosen one Grant let no one remain indifferent

It is worth mentioning that the relationship between successful and prominent actor Keanu Reeves and artist Alexandra Grant has been lasting for already four years. Since the actor appears in public rather rarely, his recent appearance caused a stir.

The great movie star chose a classic black suit with a white shirt and multi-colored tie. What concerns Alexandra, she gave her preference to a scarlet dress and appeared in ballet flats instead of high heels.

The couple became one of the attenders of the MOCA 2022 Museum of Contemporary Art gala, Los Angeles. They made spectacular appearance on the Red Carpet being hand in hand and the center of the photographers’ attention.

«What a harmonious and admirable couple they are», «I am endlessly happy for Reeves», «How beautiful they look together».

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