A bar owner has come up with a great idea to provide a safe place for stray dogs at night

Daytime for clients, nighttime for dogs!

There are many stray animals in our world who appear on the streets for different reasons. Some of them have been abandoned by their owners, while others were just born there.

Luckily, our world is full of kind people who never miss the chance to support these poor creatures.

The owner of Hott Spott, a kind and caring Greek, turned his bar into a shelter at night, welcoming many stray dogs inside.

He had this wonderful idea when he came across a group of stray dogs in need. Since July, the door of his bar is open for stray dogs, when it is closed for people.

He does a great job and many people from all over the world appreciate his heroic step and many others have followed his example and created such good conditions for stray animals.

His bar became famous on social media and locals began to visit it frequently.

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