«Was urgently hospitalized while on vacation»: The «Pretty Woman» star was taken to hospital due to a respiratory infection

The fans were saddened by the news that Richard Gere was urgently hospitalized

For those who still don’t know, legendary, successful and overall-recognized actor Richard Gere is married to Alejandra Silva, a woman who is 34 years younger than the film star.

According to Alejandra, Gere started to have some serious health problems while they were enjoying their vacation. The iconic actor was urgently sent to hospital and was soon diagnosed with a respiratory infection.

It should be mentioned that, initially, people refused to accept his union with Silva claiming that there is a huge age difference between them. Yet, their opinions have changed over time. After the breaking news, the fans wished him a speedy recovery.

Currently, the admirable spouses don’t take criticism and negative comments close to their heart anymore.

Do you think an age difference prevents people from being happy together?

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