Sweet lynxes were raised among dogs and picked up their characteristics

Very friendly wild cats, that were perfectly trained 

A girl named Anastasia rescued two lynx babies from a zoo farm. The animals now have a warm home and freedom. They live with eight dogs and three horses in the same barn.

Anastasia has desired to have a cat from childhood. She owns wight dogs as pets. She was looking for a new pet when she came to the zoo farm.

At first she was worried for her dogs’ reactions, but they befriended and showed amicable behaviour. The lynx named Garry was raised among dogs and took their characteristics, but it was still hard to take care of a lynx.

And after a year the girl considered to save another lynx named Bon. The owner considered they would live apart, but it didn’t happen.

The girl told, that it was very challenging to take care of them as owners of fur factories don’t pay attention to their welfare. She can easily walk them as they both were trained and had appropriate skills.

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