People confuse this amazing dog with a sheep, and it is not surprising

This little poodle makes impression of a sheep

This doggie became popular via internet due to his extraordinary hairstyle. The creator of this is a hairdresser of Japanese origin.

After the appearance changes this dog became a short-legged ball. When his photos were published on Instagram, some IG owners started to draw parallels between the doggie and clouds or sheep.

This extraordinary dog gained admiration of many followers, but some of them were confused as the secret of his hairstyle wasn’t revealed. Some IG users liked it so much that wanted their pets have this kind of hairstyle, too.

Though all of these create warm emotions, the owner of the poodle chose this haircut for a particular reason. In this way he wanted to make it difficult for his pet to get to its paws.

It is interesting to know who else prefers extraordinary haircuts instead of simple ones.

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