The dog’s appearance corresponds to the abandoned places that the owner chooses to get amazing pictures

The woman made her pet a real photo model

Alice van Kempen is a photographer who enjoys taking amazing pictures of abandoned places. She thinks that her pet, a three years old bull terrier, corresponds to such places due to his unique look.

Claire, the amazing dog, really enjoys his modelling life and poses as if he is a famous model. This entertains his owner and makes her look for more interesting places for wonderful photos.

Claire’s job is not so easy as it seems, because he has to remain moveless for some time. Surprisingly the smart canine does it perfectly and the result is always wonderful.

Alice is proud of her dog, because he completes his task very well. The photos are really fantastic and they capture many people’s attention on social media.

When the woman started to look for abandoned places to take interesting pictures, she never expected that her photos would become so famous due to the presence of her sweet pet.

The woman chose him as a model for her photos and she made the best decision ever, because he brought her great fame.

Enjoy these adorable photos and you’ll feel the atmosphere of ancient times.

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