The crazy act of a little girl and her beloved horse, that violated the mother’s law

They considered to spend their time in the non permitted area in the house

The little girl and her sweet horse did something crazy without the mother’s permission. This is a little girl and the horse named KK and Sauce, who are best friends. They have been friends from the time they were kids and are both five years old.

And as their mother saw how much they adored one another she allowed them to enter the house, but only stay in the living room. But these two kids did a crazy act without telling their mother.

She knows, that KK always waits for her every time the gorgeous horse comes to see her little friend. They adore spending time together and doing crazy things in the living room.

But one day when the mother went to check them she couldn’t find them in the living room. They considered to spend their time in the girl’s bedroom.

This time the curious kids considered to have fun in the girl’s bedroom and couldn’t cover it from their mother, who located them.

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