«Found the key to eternal beauty»: The fans couldn’t find words to describe how stunning actress Veronica Castro looks at 70

New photos of «The Rich Also Cry» star 70-year-old Castro surprised the fans

A large number of viewers and moviegoers will undoubtedly recall this iconic, successful and legendary actress from the popular TV series «The Rich Also Cry». It is hard to believe that one of our childhood icons has already turned 70.

Many are wondering how fast time flies since it seems as if the release of the TV series was just a couple of days ago. The new photos of the iconic star have recently been shared on the web and pleasantly surprised everyone.

Regardless of the fact that the legendary film star’s hair has already gone gray, no wrinkle or another age-related change was seen on her face. Many were more than sure she has found the key to eternal beauty rushing to ask her to share her secrets.

«Veronica, please, share your beauty secrets with us!», «I can’t believe my eyes! Is she really 70?», «My most favorite actress ever», «It is amazing how fine she manages to look in her 70s!».

Have you watched the TV series «The Rich Also Cry»?

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