Having two noses is a great advantage for this dog, because of which he has gained a lot of popularity in the world

The dog with two noses is an internet star

Meet Jack, a four years old cute dog, who is quite famous both in real life and on social media for his two noses.

When his owners went to a shelter to choose a puppy, they spotted Jack and fell in love with him at once. Like the others, they were also first attracted by his two noses.

No one remain indifferent about his two noses and even many people claim that they look like a chocolate heart.

The owners have taken him to the vet several times to be sure the mouth
properly formed and there is nothing dangerous about it. The dog’s nose condition turned out to be a form of cleft palate and everything about his health was great and he can breathe perfectly.

The dog’s such a unique appearance always keeps him in the centre of attention and everyone around him is captured by it. At first people lay attention to his noses and then comment that they look like a heart.

Before seeing this cutie, the couple had decided to adopt a puppy, but Jack attracted their hearts at once. The owners claim that he is extremely loving and devoted.

They are a great example for those who avoid adopting such animals with unusual appearance, but in fact, they are as attractive as others.

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