The gorgeous horses, that are great gifts from nature

This breed of horses, that helped newcomers in riding

The amazing golden mane of the Black Woods horses stands out a lot against their chestnut coat. This breed of horse has a long history and has developed in southwest Germany.

But now they are endangered. The collection listed 1002 mares and 81 stallions in just a year. But it is anticipated, that particular breeding will soon increase the population.

Many people have dedicated their lives to preventing the extinction of this breed. They are smaller than usual horses, but are very strong and irrespective.

They are physically very strong, but it doesn’t make them less kind and loving. They are usually grown from 15.4 to 17 hands. And for people who are new in horseback riding these Black Woods horses are perfect option.

They help newcomers with their helpful nature. They can also be used for carriage trips. It is vital to notice, that these horses are adorable gifts from nature.

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