The compassionate dog had never been so close to anyone like this cat, so the owners made the right decision

Seeing the stray cat, the dog showed an incredible reaction

Bali is a friendly and sociable dog, who lives with his caring owners. Recently they moved to another house and it became fatal for the cute dog. One day when Bali was walking with his owner, he spotted a stray cat near their house.

Maybe it was love at first sight because the owners had never seen someone who could capture their dog’s heart like this. At first they couldn’t understand the reason of their pet’s behaviour. He spent all day outside with the cat and supported him in everything.

The kind canine just wanted to have a close companion with whom he could share many unforgettable moments.

After a short time, they became inseparable friends, and even the catty began to socialise with the family members visiting them each day. He was adopted by the owners and became the family’s lovely pet like Bali.

He was named Kat and continued to have a strong bond with the dog. They are loyal friends and are devoted to their owners a lot.

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