The brave police dog who saved 38 lives has been awarded a medal for his heroism

The courageous dog deserves such a big award

Luna is a brave dog who served in the police for many years and recently retired. Some time ago Thin Blue Paw Awards ceremony awarded Luna and his devoted trainer a Lifesaver award.

This inseparable couple worked at Larbert in Police Scotland’s Central Division for nearly 8 years. But now it’s time for the brave dog to rest, and he got a long vacation after so much hard work.

Luna was only 12 weeks old when he met his beloved trainer and since then their strong friendship started. After 2 years, the dog was completely ready to serve in the police.

Although the sweetie has retired and enjoys his holiday, his human is sure that they will stay inseparable for the rest of their lives.

Luna is even ready to continue to work if he gets a chance, because he is a real hero and saving others is what he enjoys most of all.

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