A plump cat from the shelter, which eats a restricted diet

A chubby cat was adopted to test the cat seats and shelves

The owners of a small company, that produces well mounted cat seats and shelves named Mike Will and Meghan Hannemann considered to adopt a cat in order to test their goods for sedentary cats. And the cat met them when they arrived to the refuge.

They came to adopt the fourth kitty, although they already had three. And the kitty, which was different from others thanks to its size attracted their attention. The cat was named Brandon.

Because of its extra weight the kitty had some difficulties moving. When they met Brandon was three years old. The following they they returned to the shelter to adopt Brandon and fixed good eating habits in him.

The doctor immediately examined the animal. Brandon played with his unusual toys every day and slept for 250 minutes. He was taken as far as possible from where he slept in order to route him up.

After his saviour from the shelter he had dropped 950 grams. Although the kitty still eats a restricted diet he is in better shape.

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