The catty adores Saturday mornings as he takes pleasant baths, which make him feel relaxed   

The catty is satisfied with his relaxing baths

When Mrs. Tran, a kindhearted woman, adopted a kitten several years ago, her life changed at once, because the fluffy animal brought much joy and happiness to their family.

The catty was abandoned by his previous owners, when they realised that were unable to take care of him. Here Mrs. Tran appeared and decided to make his life better.

Meepo, the cat, adapted to his new family at the age of two and since then his happy life started.

The owner found out that the fluffy animal enjoyed taking a bath when he was still four months old. He was so satisfied with it, especially when he got a head massage after it.

Since then, every Saturday morning is bath day for the cat. They wake up early, prepare for the bath and start the process. The sweet cat enjoys feeling the warm water running over his body, but most of all he adores getting massages after a hot bath and feeling the warm air of the hair dryer.

After the bath, he loves to eat his food and have a nice sleep. This is what the cute animal adores.

Meepo joined in Mrs. Tran’s family in 2016, when the woman’s friend asked her to keep his cat, because he couldn’t take care of him for some reasons, despite the fact that he loved him a lot.

That day was fatal for the woman and her husband, because the cat’s arrival changed their lives. They became inseparable friends.

Although the cat’s previous owner handed him to his friend, he never forgets Meepo and continues to interact with him.

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