A caring lion father raised his cub, although males play no part in this process

Maternal feelings appeared in the father lion

A lioness, who delivered a lion cub named Kreme was already an old lady by lion standards. And seven months later, on Christmas Eve the lioness passed away.

The zoo staff were anxious about the future of the lion cub. Lionesses are the only ones in charge of raising their babies, males have no duties. But the Kreme’s father named Willow was immediately dispatched.

The keepers were amazed when he began licking, cleaning and caring for the cub like a mother. And Kreme began to cuddle close to his father in bed while sleeping.

One of the workers told, that they were overjoyed to witness Willow taking the responsibility of raising his son. The keepers could assist the cub in many things, but they were overjoyed that the father demonstrated some maternal feelings.

The zoo told, that you need a lion in order to breed a lion. Kreme and Willow were inseparable for months. Willow was strong and composed when needed. Adorable, isn’t it? What do you think?

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