A caring lioness, who considered to protect a little fox even standing up to her own family

A maternal instinct, that helped the lioness save the poor lonely fox

An unusual occasion happened in the Reserve. Many photos captured by a photographer showed the real life behaviour and relationships of wild animals of the same and different species. The photos showed a lion pride.

The group stops, when a lioness sees a small fox lying in the middle of the path. The poor fox in in really bad condition. And all of a sudden the lioness showed unusual maternal instincts and considered to rescue the small, poor fox.

She protects the fox and orders her pups not to annoy him. But her other family members didn’t accept her decision. And soon a lion comes and questions the lioness about the unusual occasion.

He couldn’t understand why she chose to protect such an animal. But the brave lioness considers to protect the poor fox even if it means standing up to her family members.

Finally the lion accepts the lioness’ decision and the fox is able to continue to go with them. And after some time the fox tries to rise up and returns to his home.

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