«This is what rare beauty looks like»: The way singer Selena Gomez looks without any makeup pleasantly surprised everyone

The new «honest» photos of Gomez without makeup drew everyone’s attention

One of today’s most outstanding, successful and best-known performers is Selena Gomez, an idol for millions, who is distinguished by her beautiful voice, great talent, charisma and unearthly charm.

One thing that should be mentioned about Selena is that she can easily show herself without any cosmetics on being in her entirely natural way. The recent «honest» photos of the popular singer let none of her fans stay indifferent.

Many were delighted with the new selfies of the gifted singer admitting that Gomez highly inspires them to express their potential and display their inner beauty. She is regarded one of the most influential figures on Instagram.

However, some were strongly dissatisfied with the appearance of the star on the Red Carpet with an evening gown with fluffy sleeves which, according to netizens, made her look plumper and much older.

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