The staff was captured by the puppy’s unique beauty and did its best to make his life a real heaven

The dog wins everyone’s heart with his stunning beauty

Meet Tahani, a nice puppy, who is only 10 weeks old, but has already captured everyone’s heart with his unique appearance.

When he was brought to the shelter, one of his legs was injured. The staff was sure that it was hurt while he was playing with his mother and siblings.

His breeder had decided to sell him, but when he got this injury, the man threw him away, thinking he was useless.

When he was arrived at the shelter, everyone was very caring towards him and they helped him recover quickly.

The director of the shelter fell in love with this beauty and decided to take him home and looked after him until he would be adopted by a loving family.

The kind woman gives him much love and care and is so happy to have him at her home, because he is very loving and affectionate. She is sure that the cutie will find a caring family very soon.

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