The passer-by was amazed to see how several smart cats obeyed the no-stand-close-to-each-other rule

These intelligent cats were more disciplined than most people

We all remember that there were many rules during Covid and many people must follow them in order not to get infected from each other.

Humans were not the only ones who kept distance from each other. At the time, a picture of several stray cats went viral on social media, where those intelligent felines were sitting far from each other on the painted circles that were put up for people to keep their distance.

The scene was spotted by a woman, who was excited by it and when she posted it on social media, a large number of people expressed their amazement, saying that these felines were smarter than many humans.

In front of many stores you could find such signs, reminding people not to stand close to each other. The action of these smart animals was a great example for many people, who didn’t pay attention to the rule.

The picture became an Internet sensation at that time and a lot of people wrote many remarks and jokes about it.

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