«It’s illegal to look this good at 55»: Mexican actress Salma Hayek has shared an «honest» photo with no makeup

The way actress Salma Hayek looks without makeup delighted absolutely everyone

In all times, Mexican actress Salma Hayek has been an outstanding, enormously successful and incredibly talented actress who is distinguished by her brilliant acting skills and charisma.

Many were pleasantly surprised seeing their idol without any cosmetics on and hardly believing that she is already 55. The «honest» photo the charming actress has recently posted on social media delighted absolutely everyone.

Some, anyway, were of the opinion that Hayek didn’t look as stunning without makeup as with it, yet the others were simply delighted with the way she looks. The fact that the well-known actress looks amazing at 55 is undeniable.

Hayek’s fans were pleasantly surprised with the fact that the photo she shared wasn’t anyhow retouched and revealed her entirely natural look. Her unearthly beauty and grace didn’t let anyone remain indifferent.

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