An adorable relationship between two animals of different species, who even share their food together

A duck and the dog became best friends and spent the whole day together 

One of the best things in the world is a friendship between two animals of different species. They become an example for others by being able to love and support each other, although they had many differences. A sweet dog is named Giggle.

His owner describes him as a sweet, friendly dog. So when a duck living in the pond behind his house saw him and befriended with him it wasn’t an unusual thing for him.

The owner told, that in his opinion the duck felt lonely and that’s why he started following Giggle and they quickly befriended. And now the duck named Quack spends his days swimming with Giggle.

The dog even shares his food with the duck and they eat from the same dish.

All day long the duck lays on his back and Giggle lays on the grass. The owner told, that the duck carries on annoying the dog during the day and after all he becomes irritated about it.

These two friends spends a lot of time swimming in the pond. Quack spends the whole day in Giggle. And the owner told, that when he allows his two beagle dogs out at night, the duck follows them inside the fence.


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