The harmonious relationship between a tiger and a goat, which seemed to be impossible

The goat’s courage made the tiger change it’s taste

Today’s story is about an adorable relationship between a goat named Timmy and a tiger named Armur. And what caused such an incredible connection? It didn’t begin romantically.

Timmy was a supper for Armur when he was taken there. But the tiger refused the supper and they became really linked. They immediately became friends and started spending all their time together, playing and enjoying their lives.

Although they were different animals they were inseparable. The workers of the zoo carried on feeding the tiger twice a week, but goats are not given to him as he must be treated with respect.

Why did Timmy behave like this? Experts told, that it was the courage of the goat, that made the tiger change its taste.

Now these two have developed a harmonious friendship, although it seemed impossible and they had many differences.

It will teach many individuals how to act with those who are more powerful than you.

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