The rescuers found a stray puppy, but as a result, they saved a group of helpless puppies

From a stray life to a real comfort!

Once a man, who was riding his bicycle along the road in Serbia, he spotted a puppy alone and defenceless sitting next to a stone. The man realised that the cutie needed assistance, because he couldn’t survive outside without getting care and attention.

He immediately called a rescue group and informed them about the case.

The rescuers arrived on time and when the puppy saw that they were approaching him, he ran into the bushes and began to bark. A few minutes later, some other puppies appeared from bushes as if they came to protect their brother.

But the cuties were not afraid of the people and approached them with confident facial expressions. They were so kind and sociable.

Now all these beauties are under the strong care of the rescuers. They are waiting for loving and caring owners who will fill their lives with love and happiness.

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