The cat, who was once helpless and defenceless, now has the life he always dreamed of

The kitten’s life changed in a minute!

Meet Milka, a cute and loving kitten, who enjoys his life in a cosy place, but he had many difficulties in the past before getting this comfort. The cutie was stray and had to wander on the streets begging for food and help.

There were many people around the poor kitten, but no one paid attention to him. Only a kind passer-by noticed him and gave him some food. The grateful animal was so happy and approached the man without hesitation. The scene broke the human’s heart and he decided to help the kitten.

He was taken to a shelter, where his life changed at once and he began to show his real personality. The cutie turned to be so cute and loving. He enjoys to make new companions and socialises with almost everyone.

He has a strong bond with Laura, another friendly cat. They are inseparable friends and adore each other.

The staff is looking for a caring family for the adorable kitten, who will make him happy and carefree.

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