It’s never late to make new friends. A 100 years old man acquired a new kitty

The perfect friend for a man, who adored animals

It’s never too late to acquire new friends. And the best example of this is a man named Andrew, who celebrated his 100th birthday last month. His loving family presented him a kitty named Balloon and they immediately became friends.

Andrew lives with his granddaughter and her family and they organised a sweet surprise for their grandfather. He didn’t know what was happening. His granddaughter adopted a homeless kitty to befriend with her granddad.

The granddaughter told, that her grandfather was absolutely overjoyed for it. The man was absolutely touched when the kitty first entered into their house and his eyes were gleaming. He has always loved animals.

And when the girl saw how touched her grandfather was, she started capturing them. And their video immediately became popular on the Internet.

The girl told, that the video’s popularity was amazing. And when the girl told her grandfather about their popularity the man seemed not to mind.

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