A sweet wombat, who won’t ever be alone again

A kind carrier, that the animal considered as her mother

A woman named Diana isn’t alone. She always has a tiny companion next to her, ready to follow her. The animal is a rescue and is named Issyl. Diana opened a shelter for wombats, that couldn’t survive by themselves.

The animal lover first saw Issyl three months ago. These species are one of several animals, that found it difficult to survive in such climate changes. Diana immediately understood, that the tiny animal needed her assistance.

Issyl immediately befriended with Diana in the sanctuary and wanted to follow her everywhere. So Diana considered a plan. Issyl patiently waits every morning at Diana’s feet until it is time for their walk.

Usually wombats don’t like people, but Issyl becomes delighted when Diana appears at the refuge. Issyl appears to adore Diana, as she reminds her about her mother.

This tiny wombat will live in the sanctuary for the rest of her life and won’t be alone ever again. She is overjoyed to have a loving carrier and a sweet place to call home.

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