«She has no equals!»: The spectacular photo shoot of Mexican actress Hayek for The Sunday Style drew everyone’s attention

After these photos of Hayek, you will definitely fall in love with the Mexican actress

Lately, Hayek pleasantly surprised her followers sharing a spectacular photo shoot. The way the iconic Mexican actress looked in the photos didn’t let any of her fans remain indifferent.

The outstanding film star appeared in an elegant black tight-fitting dress with a bold cleavage that perfectly emphasized her perfect body shape. The photos have long been discussed and many were wondering how she’s managed to maintain her beauty.

Here, it is relevant to mention that the photo shoot was for the popular edition of The Sunday Style. What is more, the stunning diva captioned the photo «Sunday vibes».

There is no need to say that her followers rushed to complement the Mexican actress being unable to stop admiring her and unanimously claiming that she has no equals in the entire world.

No one can pass by such an unearthly beauty!

What is your opinion about the iconic Mexican actress?

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