A caring cat mother and her kittens, who finally found a safe heaven

Adorable story happened with a kitty, who delivered five kitties almost at the same time

The owner of this pregnant cat abandoned her before she delivered her kittens. But kind people gave her food and extra blankets instead of abandoning her.

And when her babies had grown up the family was sent to a neighbouring refuge. The charitable group then helped the kittens find new homes. And they considered to sterilise the mother.

And after that it was found in the area, where she was transported. The mother delivered four kittens, but only one of them managed to survive. And the kitty struggled a lot before passing away in her mother’s arms a few days later.

And amazingly the kitty delivered her fifth kitty at around the same time. Every time John took his kitty from the vet he could hear a loud squeak coming from the backseat.

The kitty turned out to be the strongest out of the litter.

And the kitty and her new owner were able to relax four days later. And after they have gone through all the things they found two new friends and a safe heaven.

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