The sweet dog found a friend, who accepted him for who he was

An adorable friendship between two absolutely apposite animals

These two couldn’t imagine their lives without one another, they are best friends. And as they are together, they are never bored. These two immediately linked when the dog’s owner brought her neighbour over.

At first they considered to allow the dog and the pig communicate via the glass door, as they weren’t sure whether they would befriend.

But soon it became clear, that the neighbours befriended. The pig’s owner told, that the animal waits for the dog’s arrival and grunts loudly at the door to welcome him. And when he sees the dog he hops on all four legs.

And although they are absolutely opposites, they share the same interests. If they get into the house they would like to sleep for an hour or two on the couch.

In the summer they adore thrilling races on the lush grass. The friendship with a pig helped the dog feel better both physically and mentally. Finding a friend, who accepts you for who you are is a great happiness.

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