Owners refused to pay the reward for their pet’s return, thinking that he wasn’t worth it

What indifference on the part of the owners!

Meet Tika, a blind dog, who was found on the street by a rescue group, who took him to a shelter and managed to find his owners.

They contacted the family and offered them a $20 reward for the dog’s return. Surprisingly, the owners refused to give them the money saying that he wasn’t worth it.

The poor canine was heartbroken!

Seeing that no one wanted to adopt Tika, the head of the shelter decided to keep him there until someone would appear and would agree to take care of him.

Finally, a kind woman, who had three other pets at home, decided to take him with her and give him a permanent house. They became inseparable and the woman realised that she couldn’t live without this little wonder, because he became the lovely member of the family.

Now Tika enjoys his life with his loving owner and friendly siblings. They have a good time together and adore each other.

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