«My angel, you complete us»: The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters disclosed her 1-year-old son’s face sharing touching shots

Jenner melted everyone’s heart with her touching words addressed to her little son

The successful 25-year-old businesswoman has recently gone to the Caribbean Islands with her two adorable children and Fay Khadra, one of her bachelors. Instead of warm winter clothes, the superstar showed off her flawless body in a revealing rosy bikini.

One of the stars of «Keeping Up with the Kardashians» has fully recovered from her second childbirth returning her perfect body shape and is here again to win hearts. The boy was initially named Wolfe, whereas his name was later changed into Aire.

Her heart was filled with joy and limitless happiness as soon as she witnessed her precious son to take his first steps on the beach.

«My son, my moon, and my stars are all made of air. The year I spent with you was the best year of my life. My angel, you complete us. Mama adores you.»

Others couldn’t remain indifferent as well. Hailey Bieber admitted «I’m crying» and Riven Tracy commented «You make great babies».

Surprisingly enough, Kylie and Travis Scott, the father of her children have recently broken up. Jenner, in her turn, stopped hiding the face of her 1-year-old heir disclosing both his appearance and new name.

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