An abandoned dog felt secure after arriving at the rescue facility

A kind man, who discovered the leftover pit bull and rescued him

The leftover pit bull was lucky to he found after his previous owners abandoned him. He was fastened to a tree in a Brooklyn park and also there was a note.

Fortunately the puppy was discovered in time and rescued. A man named Eric saw the pit bull next to a tree, when he was walking with his two dogs in a park. At first Eric wanted to locate the puppy’s owners, but he wasn’t successful.

And when he went closer he was amazed to find a note on a tree. Eric immediately liked the puppy, as it was really adorable and beautiful.

Eric understood, that he has discovered a leftover puppy and he must do something, but he didn’t know where to start. But he considered to help the pit bull.

Eric considered to capture some photos of a dog and share them on his Facebook page. After the dog went to the rescue facility he appeared to be absolutely overjoyed. And also he felt secure. When he has finished all her treatments she can be adopted.

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