The sweet reaction of a kangaroo to his beloved teddy bear

An adorable kangaroo, who adored visiting the volunteers and his beloved toy

The proprietor of a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility in Australia named Gilly captured an adorable photo. She captured herself while giving a kangaroo a teddy bear. And the kangaroo immediately fell in love with the toy and has never parted with it.

The woman discovered the kangaroo on the side of the road and took it. It is unknown where his mother was. The poor animal needed attention and care as he wasn’t okay. Gilly took care of the animal.

She did a lot of work and soon the animal started to get well. The kangaroo was considered to be moved into the surrounding wildlife of the animal rescue facility, where he had been living. But he still visits the centre.

He comes to see Gilly and other volunteers to inform them he hasn’t forgotten about them. And they give him food. The kangaroo also thinks about his toy friend.

Every time he comes to the shelter he always hugs his beloved toy, as it was seen in a photo taken in the centre. And even now everyone was touched by their cute friendship.

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