«Princesses from fairy tales»: The angelically beautiful daughters of legendary actor Stallone win millions of hearts

The fans couldn’t find words to describe the charm and beauty of Stallone’s heiresses

Those who are familiar with or are fans of this prominent, successful and legendary actor, are likely to take great interest in his personal life, family and children as well apart from his path to success and incredible career heights.

Stallone has always been a devoted father to his heiresses. The well-known movie star often makes appearance together with his wonderful family, charming wife and three heiresses – Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet.

The famous Rambo star always ensures that his precious daughters are in safe never ceasing to be by their side and protecting them from the outside dangers. Though the three beauties have already grown up, they still remain «daddy’s little daughters».

Sophia (23)

Sophia is currently a student at the University of Southern California and is a member of the popular university club Delta Gamma. Despite a number of similarities between her and her legendary father, Sophia leads a quiet life.

She has already made her debut as an actress starring in the movie «Blue Abyss». She has strong passion about traveling widely and experiencing new things. Among her most favorite destinations are Paris, Venice, London and the Caribbean.

Sistine (21)

On contrary to her elder sister, Sistine decided to follow her mother’s career footsteps and become a model. She has already achieved success and her image has been presented on the pages of glossy magazines. She doesn’t plan to become an actress.

Scarlet (17)

The youngest of the Stallone’s exemplary family hasn’t decided what profession to choose yet. Meanwhile, she often gets enthusiastic about her father’s microblog when he boasts on Scarlet’s achievements in sports.

It should be noted that the sisters first enjoyed their fame when for the first time in the history 3 Miss Golden Globes were chosen at a time and they, believe it or not, were given to the three princesses of the well-known actor.

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