With stylish outfits, the rescued catty easily captures everyone’s attention

The well-known cat always shines in his amazing clothes!

Meet Benson, a rescued catty, who had a rough life, but thanks to his actual owners, he is not only safe and protected now, but also a great number of people from all over the world know him.

Benson’s previous owners abandoned him when they decided to move to another country. The poor animal had to wander on the streets until a kind family spotted him and decided to give him a second chance.

His human parents enjoy to capture him in interesting positions and share them on social media. In each photo he has an amazing outfit, for which a great number of people follow him and wait for a new funny post each day.

Everything started when the mother gave him sunglasses which he accepted with a great pleasure. Since then she makes beautiful and entertaining clothes for her pet.

Although the beauty doesn’t like to wear shoes, he looks stunning without them too.

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