«Try not to fall in love!»: These are exclusive archival photos of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and the story of his path to success

Rare archival photos of Pitt from the 1980s and the story of his first heartbreak

Today’s one of the best-known, successful and praiseworthy Hollywood stars started his journey to fame and popularity in Springfield born to a conservative Baptist parents. He left college and moved to the west for a drizzling acting career.

It is worth mentioning that his first major role was in 1988 as a leading actor in the cult movie «Hunk».

Here are his rare archival photos before he rose to overall recognition. These were taken in 1988 and the future star was posing in a yellow jersey.

The young man started dating Shalane McCall while being in Los Angeles and many hold the opinion that they met during the set of the TV show «Dallas» where Pitt brilliantly played the role of McCall’s boyfriend.

Then, the Hollywood star appeared at the premiere of «Red Heat» with his new lover, Jill Scholen whom he met on the set of «The Class». Yet their engagement in 1989 didn’t last long since, as Pitt admitted, she fell in love with the director.

His rare photos in a bandana, tank top, sweatpants, sunglasses and gym sneakers were taken back in 1988.

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