The orangutan living in the zoo created a dress out of a bag

An unusual creation of a monkey, that amazed the zoo staff

A female orangutan surprised guests and the staff by creating a dress out of an old bag. It’s vital to mention, that none of her family members had thought about it.

An orangutan named Gambit appeared in front of the visitors with her casual striped clothing. The zoo staff told the visitors, that they planned to give the old bags to monkeys to see their reactions and learn how they would use them.

At first the actions of orangutans didn’t amaze the zoo staff, as they started to use the things as many humans.

But Gambit immediately attracted the staff’s attention, when she put her paws inside the holes created by the keepers. The monkey did the second hole and put her head in it.

When she ended her creation the audience clapped for another round. The zoo staff joked to give the animal another bag for the future roles.

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