One of the newborn kittens stands out from the others with his crossed eyes. He’s so attractive though!

Despite his strange appearance, the cat is really cute!

When Marie, the mother cat, gave birth to seven adorable kittens, the owner was very happy to see that all of them were healthy. The babies were born in the woman’s house in Hillsborough, England.

Later the owner discovered that one of the kittens has a strange appearance. Nothing was noticeable until seven weeks old, but after it she saw that Fluff’s eyes are crossed.

It has never made the catty feel sad and depressed, despite the difficulties he has while playing with his siblings. Fluff moves a bit slowly compared to the others, but he doesn’t pay attention to it.

When the woman shared his photo on social media, he was loved by the users at once. A great number of people got attracted by his cute face and a strong personality.

Fluff feels safe and peace with his caring family and enjoys to be in the centre of attention. It’s so nice to have such a cute and loving pet at home.

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