A caring dog went into the water to rescue a little fawn, who entered the water

A friendly dog, who became a real hero

A dog named Amor was missing. Every are was searched for him. And he was seen next to a lake. No one knew how the small fawn went into the water.

Amor is a very friendly and caring dog, who loves everyone, even other animals and has become a hero. Amor was guarding the deer next to the lake.

The owner of the dog named Manuel went to the lake’s brink to assist animals. The man took the fawn out of water and placed it on the grass. Soon the fawn’s mother appeared. Manuel left the mother with her fawn to take his dog home.

Manuel also made sure the mother and her fawn were well and went while he was standing some distance away from them. The dog and the fawn quickly brushed noses.

This was a moving moment. But in the end the fawn wanted to meet the dog once more. Manuel returned with his dog and after that the mother and her fawn went away.

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