The new friends: Guinea pigs and a puppy appeared to be inseparable

A sweet story of a puppy, that linked with two guinea pigs

The pit bull named Mokia was located on the street. Her owner has to live on the streets because of a hard case. And when he wasn’t able to look after the pet Mokia became a homeless one.

But even after being taken to the shelter the pit bull still had a good luck when Krista Gamayo discovered her at the San Francisco shelter, when she had been sent.

The dog started to sniff the guinea pigs from the cage when Krista was holding them on her lap. The owner lays guinea pigs on the couch and allow Mokia touch their soft fur.

And after understanding all was okay the woman freed the rats on the floor. And after 30 minutes she saw Freya and Pano sleeping in Mokia’s arms. And from that moment the saved puppy and new friends became very close.

And the staff asked Krista to keep the doggy after learning she has guinea pigs at her home. And happily everything was okay.

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